If you are a lash extension newbie, you might be wondering what all of the items are that come in an eyelash extension kit.

That’s why we’ve put together this post for beginners on 5 essential products you need in your eyelash extensions kit! From lash glue to tweezers, here is what every eyelash technician will need.

1. Lashes
This is clearly at the top of the list for a reason. There are so many different types of lashes out there but for beginners I’ll explain the perfect lashes you can start off with when it comes to doing classic or russian lashes.

Classic sets – CC Curl 0.15 mixed length tray
Mixed length trays are perfect for beginners, it gives you an indication of what lengths are your most popular, and you can buy them as single length trays once you get an understanding of what your clients are after. CC Curl is a great one to start off with, its got a nice curl so it gives a lovely lift to the eyelashes, but not too curly, so it will suit most of your clients.

Volume sets – D Curl 0.07 mixed length tray
For beginners, you don’t want to use lashes too thin as they take more practice to master. start off with 0.07, they’re are a nice thickness to work with and ideal for getting to grip with making fans from 2D to 4D and the mixed box help you practice styling without committing to multiple trays. D curl was brought out for the purpose of Russian Volume lashes so we recommend using it!

2. Tweezers
Finding the perfect pair of tweezers takes time and patience, you need to figure out what works for you! Its worth testing out a few different styles of tweezers, here are some of our recommendations. For isolation we recommend straight fine point tweezers, but for application your tweezers will differ depending on the sets you are doing
Classic lashes – Straight fine point tweezers work great, or S Curved tweezers
Volume Lashes – For volume sets we recommend L curved tweezers, they give the perfect grip ensuring you can make bigger fans.

3. Adhesive
The adhesive you use will depend on your speed and technique. while your still working on your speed and technique we recommend a slower drying glue. This gives you enough time to isolate and apply the lash before the glue dries.
Once you have a technique but are still working on your speed, we recommend using a 2-3 second drying time glue. Once you have worked on your technique, we recommend using a faster drying glue, between 1-2 seconds.

4. Gel Pads
Gel pads are essential when it comes to eyelash extensions. Firstly, its more comfortable for your clients under-eye area to cover the bottom lashes. Secondly it makes your job easier, it gives you a nice clear background to work with, you can draw lash maps on the gel pads. They are also thick so it gives a barrier for your tweezers.

5. Cleanser
Cleaning the natural lashes are crucial before you being the lash extensions treatment. You need to clean any oil, dirt, make-up residue from the lashes before you begin the application. If the lashes are not cleaned properly before application, it will effect the retention and the bonding of glue- therefore the lashes won’t last long. So any lash foam cleanser that doesn’t contain oil will work great.

There are obviously more things you will need, but if you’re a pro lash technician, you know that no kit is complete without these essentials.
We hope this article was useful for you- please let us know if you what to see more helpful articles like this!