Lash lifts are becoming a very popular treatment for clients and it’s easy to understand why. Lash lifts are very low maintenance, they can last up to 8 weeks and treatment time is around 45 minutes, so its a win win situation! However, sometimes lash lifts don’t work and they’re are a number of reasons that may cause your lash lifts to be unsuccessful. Here are 5 common causes:

1. Prep
With nearly every beauty treatment, preparation is key. Its important to cleanse the lashes properly, any residue from makeup, natural oils or dirt can really effect the outcome of a lash lift and won’t lift the lashes to its full potential.

2. Solution
Taking care of the solution you are using is crucial. Make sure the solution is in date, once you’ve opened the solution it needs to be replaced within 6 weeks (this can differ depending on brands and products your using).

You need to store your solutions in a cool dry place, keep out of direct heat and sunlight. Once you have opened your solution bottles, make sure you store them correctly, as once its open to air it starts to go off and never works the same. You can use sachets, because its like opening a fresh pack every time. You’ll be using one pack per client whereas with the bottles, you’ll be using the whole bottle on all your clients (this is fine as long as your storing and looking after them correctly!)

3. Too much glue
I find this is one of the most common issues with lash lifts. You need the glue to stick the shields on to your clients eyelid, then to lift the lashes onto the shield. If you are using too much glue to lift the lashes onto the shield it can start to act like a barrier between the lashes and solution, stopping the products from working. Only use a small amount of adhesive, ideally so that only the top of the client’s natural lash is glued to the shield. This will mean that your Step 1 and Step 2 solutions can do their job correctly without the adhesive blocking them.

4. Timings
You need to be very careful with how long you leave the solutions on for but you will get a better understanding the more experience you get. You need to assess the condition of your clients lashes, for example, if your clients lashes are very weak and sparse, you never leave the solutions on for the full amount of time. But if you don’t leave the solution on for long enough, the lash lift won’t work. The best thing to do is to use a stopwatch or a timer to keep an eye on the exact timings for each step of the lash lifting process. When you do your lash lifting course all your timings will be explained.

5. Sheilds
Another thing that can affect a lash lift is the shield size. Some beauticians believe that the bigger the shield, the bigger the lift but this is not true. Large shields can offer a more natural curl whereas a small shield will provide a more dramatic curl. You will find that your clients will mainly need a small or a medium size for most treatments unless they have super long lashes naturally.

We hope you found this blog helpful. It’s really important to treat the client with care, by taking your time, being gentle and following the steps above, it will ultimately give your client the best results.