It’s all too simple for clients to turn to someone else the next time they need services. And while you might be tempted to shrug it off, this is actually far more than just a disheartening reality – it could well mean the start of a downhill cycle for your business.

We’re here today to help you stop this happening show you how to create customer loyalty that will stand up against even the most zealous competitors.

1. Consultation is key
Every client should have a consultation with you, whether they have been coming to you for years or if its their first time. Doing a consultation is so crucial because you’re treating them the same regardless of how often they’ve been coming to you, your clients will really appreciate this.

Doing a consultation every time your clients come encourages feedback, you can ask them how they got on with their lashes, what they loved and what they might have wanted different, and you can change this the next time they come. You’re encouraging your client to give you constructive criticism, if any. If you don’t how they felt about their previous lashes or what they might have wanted different, how can you keep them satisfied and coming back? Thats why I think this is one of the most important tips.

2. Rewarding client loyalty
Loyalty cards are a great way to say thank you to your clients and also encourage future business. Loyalty cards really give clients an incentive to keep coming back, and in the long run it will save them money, but you will make extra money! People say they see a huge difference in clients coming back when they have a loyalty card, and when they don’t.

An example of how you can do this:
Say a client comes to you 4 times, on their 5th visit you could give them £10 off, and on the 10th visit maybe a bigger prize like 50% off the full treatment! By the time your client has already come to you 10 times, they would’ve spent around £500 (depending on your pricing).

3. Encourage repeat booking
Stylists and therapists should provide each client with a timeframe of when they would like them to come in for a follow up treatment to upkeep the look. You may need to motivate your clients who are are a little relaxed – inform them that your weeks are filling up quickly and they should schedule in now, although don’t be too pushy. Wording it in this way will seem less like a sales pitch and more like professional advice that shouldn’t be ignored.

4. Be personal
Try to build a relationship with your clients, take genuine interest in their life. People are not only coming to you for the treatment, but also your customer service skills. Clients who feel more valued are more likely to come back. When your client comes, note things down like their birthdays, up coming holidays etc, and ask them about it the next time they come around, it’s a great way to start a conversation off with your clients the next time they come.

5. Be appreciative!
Let your clients know you are grateful for them and you can reward your regular clients with thank you cards and discounts for bringing a new client to you – word of mouth is, without a doubt, one of the best forms of marketing – and it’s free!

Client loyalty can either make or break a business, so its important to try and make every first client a loyal one. And remember, you will get clients who might come twice a year for special occasions, but they’re still loyal customers as they’re still choosing you every time!

We hope you found this blog helpful and informative and take a few tips away on how to improve your customer loyalty.