This is a question I get asked often and it is possible but it does depend on your supplier and products being used! I know this may come as a relief for many pregnant clients but there are some precautions you need to take. So in todays blog I’ve put together some advice and tips that can help you when lashing pregnant clients.

Can I lash a pregnant client?
The first thing you’ll need to do is check with your insurance company and see what they say, however it is likely your insurance provider will tell you to contact your supplier. If this is the case then you will need to contact the supplier you get your glue from and ask them their guidelines on lashing pregnant women.

Regulations are different between your suppliers, some may say that it’s possible to complete a set of eyelash extensions on a pregnant client, but it’s also important you and your client both make an informed decision. You both need to be aware of the risks and complications that could incur before both agreeing to proceed.

Pregnancy and reactions
When you’re pregnant, hormones are known to be more up and down, which can result in having a higher risk of reaction. Hormone imbalance can also result in having worse retention and that lashes not lasting as long for your client.

If your client is pregnant or breast feeding, they are more restricted when it comes to the use of medication. So its important that your client seeks medical attention from a professional if they did have any types of reactions.

Pregnancy and comfort
After the first trimester (12 weeks) it is not advised for the client to lie flat on their back as it could restrict blood flow to the baby. Restricting blood flow can lead to severe complications for the baby and the mother so it needs to be avoided. If your client is pregnant, it might help to place a wedge under the right hand side tilting them slightly on to their left hand side or propping them up will help. It is advised to give your pregnant client some breaks through the treatment, so allow extra time. You could also see your client more regularly for shorter periods of time, to make is as comfortable as possible for them.

Pregnancy and retention
Some people experience either hair growth or hair loss when pregnant. If your client experiences hair loss, it could be the same for your clients natural lashes, they can shed a lot quicker, resulting in your clients lashes falling off a lot quicker as well.

Remember, (unless medically trained) you are NOT allowed to give advice on medication. Always advise your client to speak to their midwife or medical provider before having a lash treatment. Always follow your insurance guidelines.

Make sure you and your client are both aware of any risks involved in the treatment when your client is pregnant, and you can both make an informed decision together. We hope you enjoyed this blog post!