Businesses that have a high client retention rate have higher profits and customer loyalty than those with low retention rates. It’s simple, but businesses often don’t succeed in ensuring the longevity of their clients lashes because they’re not sure how/where to make changes to make them last longer. In todays blog I’ll be highlighting some key points that can improve the retention for your clients eyelashes.

Humidity and temperature
Make sure you are checking the temperature and humidity in your beauty room! Temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day so it’s important to keep this monitored. The best case scenario for eyelash extensions is to ensure your adhesives have an optimal range of environmental conditions in which they work most effectively. Your room temperature needs to be between 18°c – 24°c and an RH of between 40% – 60%. If the conditions change from those ranges, even by 1°c, your adhesive can act, look and work differently which can have a negative effect on retention.

Adhesive storage
Make sure to check the date on your adhesive, how long you’ve had it for and when it was opened. A good tip is to write the date on your adhesive once you have opened it. We recommend changing your adhesive every six weeks once it has been opened.
Make sure you are storing your adhesive correctly (upright in an airtight container) and that you’re shaking it before you start your treatment. Keep your adhesive out of direct heat and sunlight.

Prep and prime
Before you start your treatment, you need to ensure you are working on clean natural lashes. If there is any trace of makeup or oils on the lashes, the extensions will not stick. Make sure to cleanse the treatment area and rinse the lashes ensuring all oils, makeup and residue is removed. Try not to use too many products as part of your prep process. If a client doesn’t have overly oily lashes, then they won’t need a Primer. Primers can dehydrate the lashes and completely strip the moisture from the lashes. However, they are great at removing oil, dust, and small particles of makeup (but only use if necessary).

Before you start the application process, you need to make sure the area is completely clean and rinsed so there is no residue left on the lashes, if there is then retention will be compromised.

Client Routine
Ask your clients questions and discuss their routine. Does your client wear a lot of makeup? Did she arrive at the appointment with dirty lashes? Does she have oily skin? Is she washing her lashes daily? All these factors can impact retention.

Chat with your client and ask some open questions. You may find that your client is using new beauty products as part of their routine, such as using an oily moisturiser, this could transfer onto the lash line, and therefore affect retention.

In addition to this, it’s also worth checking your client’s medical history, if they have recently switched to a new medication or have recently become pregnant this could affect their lash retention.

Client Aftercare
Good client aftercare is crucial in helping improve retention. Make sure your clients are aware of the correct aftercare they need to follow. It may be worth offering your clients an aftercare card, so they have all the products and information they need to care for their lashes.

Clients need to clean their lashes daily, using a cleanser and brush. It’s your role as a lash artist to inform your clients that daily cleansing will help improve their retention. We have an article on aftercare that has the correct steps your clients need to take to ensure their lashes last the longest, feel free to check it out!

We hope you found this blog helpful and see better retention in your lash sets, don’t forget to check out our other articles!