Lash extensions are easier to apply than many people think, but aftercare is often overlooked. This article offers some helpful tips and advice that will help you keep your extensions healthy and looking great!

Why is Aftercare so important?
You have not only spent your money, but also your precious time having beautiful lashes applied. Looking after your lashes will ensure:
Your will get more out of your lashes, they will look beautiful for longer!
You will spend less of your own time getting them done, as they won’t take too long being prepped.
Your natural lashes will not suffer, they will stay healthier

It is very important to take extra care of their eyelash extensions especially in the first 24-48 hours. Looking after eyelash extensions properly will prevent any eye infections and ensure the lashes last as long as possible. Also follow advice from your lash technician too, as they will know your lashes and the specific products used on you.

How to look after eyelash extensions:

1) Keep them clean – the less product you use, the less buildup.
2) Do not get the lashes excessively wet for the first 24 hours. This ensures the glue cures properly
3) Do not use steam rooms, sauna or sun beds for the first 48 hours
4) Do not perm, tint or use eyelash curlers on the extensions
5) Do not use any mascara on the eyelashes
6) Oil based products will break down the glue overtime and retention won’t be good
7) Be gentle around the eyes, don’t rub or pick at the extensions. If the lashes are irritating get them removed professionally
8) Use an eyelash comb or mascara wand to brush the lashes daily
9) Clean lashes daily with a lash foam cleanser to prevent any infections and lashes from getting dirty

How to clean eyelash extensions
You will need the following:
Lash Cleanser
Cleansing Brush (disposable makeup brushes)
Mascara Wand
1. Gently massage the cleanser into the lashes in small circular motions using your cleansing brush.
2. Rinse the lashes with water to get rid of any excess
3. Pat the lashes dry using a tissue
4. Softly brush through

We hope this article has helped you understand how to look after your lashes so you get the most out of your money! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!