Lash extensions are one of the most requested and demanded beauty treatments in the UK, but why are they so popular? In this article we will help you understand why eyelash extensions are so in demand, and why it’s one of the fastest growing beauty treatments in the industry at the moment.

The main purpose of eyelash extensions is to value your natural beauty. Eyelash extensions give you confidence, fills your insecurities and provide you a glamorous look. Decades ago when first falsies were introduced they did not last long, and they were very costly. People tend to apply mascara on their eyelashes which are not an effective way of getting eyelashes thick. Mascara can damage your eyelashes if we use it over and over again. People would also tend to use an eyelash curler, but again it damages and breaks the natural lashes. So, the better way of having dense eyelashes is ‘eyelash extensions’.

There are different ways people like to enhance their eyelashes, but the most popular ways are explained below:

Below is a list of reasons we have found why most people will get their lashes done:
1. These extensions give length and height to your lashes.
2. Eyelash extensions provide volume and make them dense to value your beauty.
3. They are not very costly as you don’t have to apply loads of mascara over them on a daily basis.
4. These extensions are much better than falsies.
5. Damage-free and safe to use.
6. Gives you a natural glow.
7. It is not a painful procedure.
8. These extensions give you any type of freedom. Either you want to swim or sleep there will be no effect on your eyelash extension.
9. You can easily remove this eyelash extension.

Lash Lifting
The main function of lash lifting is to lift and elongate your lashes to a maximum height that suits your face. Lash lifts usually last for 6-8 weeks and the procedure takes around 45 minutes.

Classic Eyelash Extensions
These extensions are placed one by one over your original lashes to make them appear thicker, darker and longer. Their maintenance time is 3 weeks.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
As the name shows, these extensions give volume to your eyelashes. They are perfect for clients who want to make their eyes look more bigger and open. These extensions give soft and dense finishing touch and their set time are also 3 weeks.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of why eyelash extensions are so popular in the UK, and why its one of the fastest growing beauty treatments!